Composable DeFi Products on Aptos

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Supported Protocols

We can easily add your favorite protocol, pool, or dapp

Tsunami Ditto Argo Hippo Kana

Discover dapps on Aptos through the Seam Explorer

Dapp Explorer
Made for Devs

View deployed Move modules from dapps or the aptos core library. Access parameters, data types, and call functions. Use the Seam Pass to access Sid∑wind∑r, a Move script executor

Connect to Other Dapps

Tired of constantly switching between browser tabs to manage your DeFi positions? Open your favorite dapp directly from the dapp explorer window!

Modular DeFi Position Builder

Track which liquidity pools you are in, validators you are staking with, and your overall risk to performance ratio. Build a composable position that combines any pool or derivative.


Examine Move modules and build your dream DeFi position

Learn how our strategy pools are structured

We believe the future of DeFi is composability across pools, protocols, and chains. With Seam Money you can permissionlessly create custom vaults to hedge all your DeFi positions in one place.

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